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Yes! I'm actually updating LJ! Gasp!! Sorry, I know, I tend to neglect this LJ. I'm sorry, poor LJ. ::pets LJ::

So, I officially leave for Florida in 18 days. I'd prefer not to go, there was a concert I was so looking forward to going to on that day... And that means about two weeks without my friends. ;-; Stacey, Kri-chan, Sarah, Jenny, Heather, Kea...I shall miss them all so much. I can get online, but not as much. And it'll never be the same. ;_; ::sob:: AND I'm going to miss Totchi's birthday, I believe. I'm probably getting back just in time for Tekkoshocon. xx; ARGH.

Mommy agreed to help me make an outfit for Tekkoshocon, too. :D Big poofy skirt. HAH!! AHAHA. I just have to find the pattern and the fabric for her. Awesome, man.

Moonstruck is in shambles, I'm afraid. I don't know if it'll recover, but... I don't know if I want it to if it means giving up a good friend for it. It's selfish, but I can't give up a project that started as the 4 of us. It won't be Moonstruck without her. It's not because of some damned HTML, either. It's nothing to do with anything like that...

...I value my friend much more then a damn site and it's HTML. But I guess that doesn't matter anymore...

Okay. I'm done. Jaa, min'na.
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